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Why Wonky-Eye?

Why is this website called wonky-eye and what is it all about?

After my husband was diagnosed with having a Schwannoma we looked up “schwannoma”, “brain tumor” and other related terms online.  What we found were a bunch of medical journals and other similar websites that provided us with confusing and overwhelming information.  Though this information was helpful we still felt very lost.  Being diagnosed with something like this not only changes the life of the individual diagnosed; it changes the lives of everyone around that person.  If I could have found a website published by someone who was going through the same thing as me it would have been really helpful.

This website is created to help others who are going through what we are going through.  It is to share the personal journey that our family is taking.  I am providing some medical information (not medical advice) but my main goal is to share the emotions and experiences that we have.  It is the personal look inside the life of a family who is battling a Schwannoma.

When it came time come up with a domain name for this project I brainstormed a bit and then it hit me…www.wonky-eye.com.

After my husband’s first surgery his left eye changed.  Because of nerve damage immediately after his first surgery his left eye was pointed in towards his nose.  Over time the nerve healed and his left eye began to move outward.  It never got back to the way it was but it did improve.  However, there were times when his eye would regress and point inward.  There were also times when his left eyebrow would droop.
Because we try to stay positive about this condition Travis gave his eye a nickname.  When Travis’s left eye would turn in or droop he would call it his “wonky eye”.

Please check out the Pictures page.  You will find pictures of Travis before surgery as well as day by day pictures of him after his second surgery so that you can see the healing process.  The picture page is a work in progress so please be patient.